Yzerman uses surplus of NHL Draft picks to upgrade roster and prospect pool


Detroit Red Wings’ general manager Steve Yzerman worked diligently to stockpile a dozen picks for this year’s NHL Draft.

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After the trade deadline, Yzerman boasted a pair of first-round picks, a trio of picks in the second round and two picks in each of the third, four and fifth rounds.

In the week leading up to the draft, Yzerman shed one of those first-round picks, a pair in the second round and one in the third round to add veterans to his roster and position himself higher in the NHL Draft.

“Honestly, I hate giving up draft picks,” Yzerman said. “I feel every draft pick, regardless of a first round or seventh round, is hope.”

He pointed to players like Sergei Fedorov, a fourth-round pick in 1989, Nicklas Lidstrom, a third-round pick in 1989, Pavel Datsyuk, a sixth-round pick in 1998, and Henrik Zetterberg, a seventh-round pick in 1999, as just a few of the later round gems the Red Wings have drafted over the years.

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