Yankees: Using Aroldis Chapman Tuesday could wreck rest of series


One out, nobody on, a two-strike count to backup catcher Austin Wynns…somehow, Yankees reliever Sal Romano turned this into an opportunity for Aroldis Chapman within three batters.

In a game in which the Yanks hit five home runs and led 7-1 with an out recorded in the ninth, near-disaster still struck. This team is unbelievable.

Reminder: this was the game the Yankees were supposed to win by a lot. This was the pitching matchup that pushed WynnBET’s run line all the way to -4.5 just to make things somewhat competitive, in their eyes.

New York ended up covering that total, but in order to get to the finish line, Chapman had to buzz through the heart of the Orioles order in a game he was never supposed to appear in.

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