Yankees: Luis Severino’s return in rain goes perfectly Tuesday night


Where were you 707 days ago?

Wait. Don’t answer that. I actually know: watching, dejectedly, as the 2019 New York Yankees‘ “Next Man Up” season began to peter out, as they slipped behind the Houston Astros 2-1 in that year’s ALCS.

And I know that because it’s also the last time Luis Severino toed a major-league mound prior to his Tuesday night unveiling against the Texas Rangers.

That day, Severino didn’t look quite right after missing nearly the entire 2019 regular season, only to return in a highly-restricted role in September following shoulder issues. And yes — I did say “that day” for a pivotal Game 3 in the Bronx. Why on earth did MLB neutralize the Yankees’ home field advantage with an afternoon start to help out some soon-to-be-uncovered cheaters? Beats us!

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