With a pandemic-limited crowd and heavy sales in Florida, Super Bowl tickets are making a run toward record heights


If recent history has taught ticket brokers anything, it’s that a Super Bowl ticket market doesn’t always do what’s expected. Strong fan bases can fall flat. Weather can dampen sales. Supply-chain squeezes can send prices into a stratosphere that few thought possible.

Super Bowl XLIX fit that latter description, with the tilt between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks standing as the hottest ticket in the history of the game. That particular Super Bowl was fueled by a glut of pre-sales that vastly underestimated a strong market as the game approached, leaving brokers scrambling to fill orders as prices rocketed. What ultimately resulted was an astonishing “get-in” price of more than $8,700 for the cheapest seat in the house on game day. That was a record expected to stand a long time. Then a pandemic season came along and created a challenger that nobody could have predicted.

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