Will the Bengals attempt to copy the Chiefs or 49ers offense?


Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan revealed that they’ve been studying top offenses from around the league this offseason.

With each passing campaign in the NFL, there always seems to be a team or two that’s on the cutting edge of innovation when compared to the rest of the league. Bright coaching minds routinely come out of the offseason with a new wrinkle that opposing defenses aren’t quite ready for. Whether it be a fresh offensive scheme or a new way of utilizing a talented player, there never fails to be an organization light years ahead of the pack.

Most recently, it’s been the San Fransico 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs, and Baltimore Ravens, two of which unsurprisingly met in the Super Bowl a year ago. While speaking to Bengals.com Senior Writer Geoff Hobson, offensive coordinator Brian Callahan revealed that Cincinnati’s coaching staff has been studying some of the aforementioned juggernauts.

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