Who will be the Mac Jones of the 2021 college football season?


I express a lot of opinions on the internet, which inevitably means that I’m wrong on the internet quite a bit. (Anyone who read my 20th-century quarterback rankings piece recently and isn’t an Oklahoma fan probably agrees with this.)

However, sometimes I’m right, and I should celebrate that. So allow me to say, I TRIED TO TELL YOU ABOUT MAC JONES. In a small sample size late in 2019, Jones was so much better than he was given credit for; in a larger sample in 2020, all he did was lead the country in Total QBR, finish third in the Heisman voting and lead the best Alabama offense — maybe the best Alabama team — ever. He’ll likely become a first-round draft pick in a few more weeks. Did he have an amazing supporting cast around him? Of course. But he steered the Bama ship impeccably.

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