What to make of Packers’ early success on offense

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, running back Aaron Jones and wide receiver Allen Lazard celebrate following an early third quarter touchdown against the Detroit Lions on Sunday, September 20, 2020, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis.Wm. Glasheen USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin Cent02 7cf0yylvv5d30t2mhj8 Original

Through two weeks of football, the Green Bay Packers’ offense looks super.

The Packers finished Week 2 ranked No. 1 in DVOA, points and yards. While it’s too early to say this will be standard operating procedure for the Packers, a few clues into “how” this team has produced so much offense so early may suggest this 2020 offensive unit will be a prolific one.

So what, exactly, is different? How are they scoring so many points? The answer, at least from this viewer’s eyes, is that the Packers have bought and matured into Matt LaFleur’s offensive system, especially No. 12.

Let’s start with the system. “Illusion of complexity” was the chorus LaFleur repeated last season when asked to explain his offensive system. Yet, 2019’s offense looked more like a Mike McCarthy-Aaron Rodgers-Matt LaFleur Frankenstein that, despite its efforts to appease all stakeholders, never came together into the coherent whole we’re seeing now. Last season’s Packers could operate smoothly in flashes, but they’d peetered out after a quarter or half. Rarely did they sustain production for an entire game.

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