Washington’s projected COVID-19 death toll drops by 1,100 in newest IHME model


Encouraging news in the fight against COVID-19 in Washington state while the news is not good for the rest of the nation.

Here the death toll projections are going down while they’re going up in the nation as a whole.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington predicts the COVID-19 death toll nationwide will reach over 230,000 by Nov. 1. That’s up 11,000 from just last week’s projection.

“Mainly due to people not willing to wear a mask and people are letting down their guard and not staying away from each other,” said Dr. Ali Mokdad. “It’s unfortunate.”

But the predictions for Washington are just the opposite. Last week they were up at 3,300 deaths. This week they’re coming down more than 1,100 to an estimate of 2,178 by November.

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