Trey Flowers: ‘It Won’t Be a Big Difference for Me to Adapt’


The Detroit Lions are asking veteran Trey Flowers to play more outside linebacker in their new 3-4 base scheme.

New defensive line coach Todd Wash shared with reporters that he expects Flowers to be “playing the outside linebacker spot” in the base scheme.

“In our sub and dime package, then Flowers is going to be playing the defensive end spot,” Wash explained further.

Flowers has primarily played as a defensive end in his NFL career.

Last season, Flowers played all but 21 snaps on defense up front on the defensive line.

In a recent interview with NFL reporter Kory Woods of Woodward Sports, Flowers expressed that he does not expect the transition to take a significant period of time to adapt to.

“It’s defense, so I’m still on the end of the line. I’ll stand up a little bit more. It’s just a transition to do,” he said. “That’s why we have a training camp. That’s why we have an off-season to train and get prepared. Standing up, that’s the biggest difference, standing up most of the time.”

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