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Teams play 40 games against their regular division opponents, 10 games apiece. Unfortunately the splits are lopsided, for example, the Giants play three at home against the Dodgers but seven on the road. Not that home-road splits mean much with no fans, but perhaps player comfort level will be a factor. The Giants get a seven home, three away advantage over the Diamondbacks, and a six home, four away advantage against the Padres. The Giants have to play six with the Rockies in Colorado versus four in San Francisco. That works out to 20 home games and 20 road games.

The remaining 20 games are against the corresponding AL division. The Giants will get, in addition to the usual six games (three home, three away) against the A’s, three (home) against the Rangers, three (away) against the Astros, four (two home, two away) against the Angels, and four (two home, two away) against the Mariners. So it is an even split. It is a cockeyed schedule, but these are cockeyed times. Here’s a graphic from Daren Willman (MLB R&D head and creator of Baseball Savant):

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