Tom Brady’s latest feat? All the plays he’s making with his feet


The Bucs quarterback is not known for scrambling, but he’s made a lot more plays out of the pocket this season.

TAMPA ― There was a time when watching Tom Brady flee the pocket was accompanied only by fears, not cheers.

“It scares the hell out of me,” Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich said Thursday of Brady’s scrambling.

Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time and has always done his best work standing directly behind his offensive line. In fact, while commenting on the few occasions he’s had to run the football this season, Brady’s self-deprecating sense of humor has never been sharper.

Two weeks ago against the Dolphins, after a season-long 13-yard run to set up a field goal, Brady asked for a review. “Do I look faster?” he asked reporters after the game. “I feel fast. Most of the guys in the NFL probably make like 30 yards on a run like that. I turn a 30-yarder into a 10-yarder better than anybody.”

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