Tom Brady’s Dad Claims Bill Belichick Wanted QB ‘Out The Door’


From the perspective of Tom Brady Sr. it was blatantly clear. Bill Belichick wanted the New England Patriots to move on from Tom Brady.

Instead, it was the quarterback who moved on from them, and Brady Sr. feels quite vindicated on behalf of his son.

Seriously, though. Brady Sr. didn’t hold anything back on a recent interview with Tom E. Curran on NBC Sports Boston’s “Patriots Talk Podcast.”

“My feeling is that Tommy is extraordinarily appreciative of everything that happened during his New England career, and he’s more than happy than that he’s moved on, because it was pretty obvious that the Patriot regime, felt that it was time for him to move on,” Brady Sr. told Curran. “And and frankly it may well have been the perfect (time) for Belichick to move on from him. On the other hand, I think the Tampa Bay Bucs are pretty happy that the decision was made in Foxboro that the (couldn’t) afford him or didn’t want to keep him when his last contract came up.

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