The Rundown: Cubs Cut Employee Salaries, Passing Time Binge Watching 1960 Home Run Derby, Trout Rookie Card Sells For $900K


Being a baseball fan and trying to find mental health breaks here and there during the ongoing pandemic is nearly impossible. Weekly jobless claims data will be released today and it’s not going to be pretty. Even baseball’s financial bubble is starting to feel the strain of maintaining operations without any significant revenue. The Marlins are expected to furlough 90 employees on June 1 and a few other organizations are going to start letting people go, too.

Of course the debate between league owners and the MLBPA continues to rage on. Scott Boras has elbowed his way to the table and, though you may think he is nothing more than a publicity-seeking blowhard, he represents many of the game’s elite players and therefore has a whole lot of skin in the game.

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