The Miami Dolphins’ 2020 success hinges on the rookie class


Miami Dolphins success really comes down to the team’s rookie class.

The Miami Dolphins are headed in the right direction with all the talent they’ve added, but what’s the secret to success for the 2020 season?

There’s no doubt that the Dolphins added an influx of talent through the draft and free agency. But some of those additions will come to fruition sooner than others. For example, I expect Ted Karras to go into the organization and hit the ground running at center quicker than Austin Jackson at left tackle.

Duh. Jackson is a rookie, and Karras is going into his fifth year. So that likely went without saying.

Robert Hunt and Solomon Kindley are other examples, both rookies. It’s just the nature of the game. Sure, some rookies come in and instantly excel, but I’m betting on Karras and the other veterans gelling with the team more quickly than any of the rookies. He has the league experience under his belt already.

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