The mask wearing three round Miami Dolphins 2021 mock draft


This Miami Dolphins 2021 mock draft will feature two more draft picks in round one.

In this Miami Dolphins 2021mock draft, the Dolphins draft will be highlighted by two more first-round picks and two more second-round picks.

only two months removed from one of the most important drafts in their franchise’s history but now it’s time to look at 2021.

There are a lot of questions surrounding the 2020 NFL season. Will there be a season? Will there be an abbreviated season? Will fans be allowed to attend and will the Atlanta Falcons get permission to pipe in crowd noise? Legally?

The Dolphins will get a full season of watching Tua Tagovailoa ride the bench, maybe because frankly, he could end up starting from day one. With our nation under new quarantine and mask-wearing restrictions, Tagovailoa really has nothing else to do but rehab!

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