The Athletic ranks Dwight Evans as one of the top 10 players not in the Baseball Hall of Fame


The debate on which players deserve to make the Baseball Hall of Fame has turned up in recent years as stars of the Steroid Era have become eligible for induction.

With the worthiness of players who have or haven’t used performance-enhancers being at the forefront of the debate, those who played in the 70s and 80s have faded away as time goes on.

One of those players is Dwight Evans. The former Red Sox star has yet to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame after an impressive 20-year career that includes multiple All-Star appearances, Gold Glove Awards, and Silver Slugger Awards.

In a ranking of the top 100 eligible players to not be inducted into the Hall of Fame, The Athletic’s Joe Posnanski included Dwight Evans in his top 10. A major crux of Posnanski’s argument for Evans to make the Hall of Fame is the inclusion of one of Evans’s teammates, Jim Rice. The other Red Sox star outfielder was inducted into the Hall in 2009 on his 15th year of the ballot.

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