Taylor Heinicke Presser: I’m still pissed off about the Saints game


Taylor Heinicke

Getting the ball out faster:

Taylor Heinicke said he can improve on getting the ball out faster by making sure his footwork is sound. On one throw that was late to McLaurin, Heinicke admits he took a seven-step drop instead of five. Put everything behind.

— Matthew Paras (@Matthew_Paras) October 13, 2021

Patrick Mahomes:

Taylor Heinicke on Patrick Mahomes.. and why he doesn’t try to take anything from his game. pic.twitter.com/b8bEgYA2i3

— John Keim (@john_keim) October 13, 2021

Taylor Heinicke: “I don’t know if you can pick up anything from Mahomes.” When Taylor was out of the NFL, he’d coach kids who were trying to do stuff like Patrick and he’d remind them “Listen, you’re not Mahomes.” Appreciated his straightforward answer on this pic.twitter.com/LjLB3tPxiT

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