Stefon Diggs’ Latest Cryptic Tweet Feels Like a Clear Shot at Vikings


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Even after the Minnesota Vikings parted ways with wide receiver Stefon Diggs by way of trading him to the Buffalo Bills, it seems he is still taking veiled shots at the organization on Twitter.

Diggs’ latest unusual tweet looks like a shot at his former employer, who he seems to have accused of “hating lowkey.”

There is a 99 percent chance this is referring to someone on the Vikings, the Vikings organization as a whole, or Vikings fans. If by some miracle you have managed to somehow NOT get annoyed by Diggs popping off one of these vague tweets every two days, this one might send you over the edge.

We get it, dude. You didn’t want to play in Minnesota. Lucky for you, the Vikings gave you exactly what you wanted. Playing outdoors in a freezing cold city like Buffalo with an inaccurate quarterback in Josh Allen might not be everyone’s preferred situation, especially for a receiver, but Diggs apparently hated the Vikings so much he was willing to take the downgrade at quarterback.

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