Stafford feels invigorated as he reports to 1st Rams’ camp


Associated Press

Newport Beach, Calif. — Matthew Stafford has had four months to acclimate himself to the Los Angeles Rams, but the fresh start he has after 12 seasons with the Detroit Lions definitely hit home Sunday.

Instead of reporting to the Lions’ hotel in Dearborn, Michigan, Stafford glanced to his left and saw the Pacific Ocean in the distance as Rams quarterbacks and rookies reported.

“It’s a bunch of new experiences for me — where we’re playing, where I’m living, my teammates and coaching staff,” he said. “It’s definitely invigorating. It’s a challenge for me and something that I’m looking forward to.

“Not many people in my position get the chance to move to teams that have had a bunch of recent success, and I’m just excited to be a part of it.”

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