Seattle Seahawks must pay Ravens price for Orlando Brown


A long-term solution for the Seattle Seahawks offensive line may have presented itself recently. Orlando Brown Jr. could be the Seahawks’ left tackle for the next decade.

The Seattle Seahawks have many needs to address this offseason, and very little cap space or draft picks to fill them. GM John Schneider certainly has his work cut out for him. Schneider will once again need to pull off some magic.

It’s no secret the Seahawks offensive line isn’t very good. It could get worse; two spots are open due to either free agency or retirement. One is manned by a 36-year-old with knee issues., A fourth spot is held by someone who can’t stay on the field and, when he does, can’t poss block.

Add to that quarterback Russell Wilson‘s growing frustration over his lack of protection. Plus, the Seahawks lack of resources, and it’s a recipe for disaster is brewing.

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