Seasoned Canes: Fans Share Their Stories


Watching the Hurricanes play in a road series during his time as a undergraduate student at Florida was the first time Andrew Smallman knew unequivocally.

“I was in Gainesville for eight years, between undergrad and law school. During my freshman year, I went to a baseball game and that’s when I knew I would never be anything other than a Hurricanes fan,” Smallman recalled. “I saw the Canes take the field, and the Gators, and I said, ‘Who are we kidding? This is it.’”

Though both of Smallman’s parents were Florida alumni, growing up, his family in South Dade was always all about The U.

“My dad worked for Knight Ridder and the Miami Herald when I was a kid,” Smallman said. “My first memory was when we won the national championship in 1984, because I was six. We had a lot of stuff in my house – mugs with the front page of the Herald, things like that. We were always a Canes household.”

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