SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “On Schedule” Edition


Good Monday to you Steelers’ fans.

As I write this, the National Football League is planning to release its preseason schedule and then regular season for 2020 later this week. It does not include any contingencies for Covid-19. That does not mean however that the NFL doesn’t have plans to change or alter the schedule should issues from the pandemic continue. Like the NFL Draft, the release of the NFL schedule gives us all a sense of normalcy in a storm of anything BUT normal. For the record I do believe we will see interruption or a pushing back of the schedule. Roger Goodell has already stated that the league will not begin OTAs until ALL states with stay-at-home orders are released. That’s where things get sticky. You know this already but players need time to prepare for a full season. Heck, players need time for an adjusted schedule but you know what I mean. Therefore I think we as fans need to be prepared for a couple of things. First, I think even if we start on time players will not have had the usual amount of time to prepare so that’s means poor quality of play and likely an increase in injuries. It goes without saying that I hope normalcy returns ASAP but common sense is telling me things aren’t going to go quite as planned.

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