SCB Steelers Quick Hitters: The “Check Your Calendar” Edition


Good Wednesday to you Steelers fans.

I know this sounds like hyperbole but I swear it isn’t. Today is often as anticipated as Christmas or even a birthday for we Steelers’ fans. Why? Because for some, it means they can reach for the calendar and block out those dates where our beloved Black and Gold will be playing. For others, it means finding that one game every year for the pilgrimage to the Steel City to see the guys in action IN PERSON! I took a stab at guessing the Steelers’ 2021 NFL schedule last night so by this evening I’ll know just how far off I was. Reportedly, the NFL will release the entirety of the Week One schedule this morning and then the rest later in the day. While I didn’t choose the Browns as our week one opponent I’m fully expecting it to be honest. And no sooner did I type that than I have just seen that the Steelers will open on the road AGAIN this time in Buffalo for a 1pm ET kickoff.

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