Ryan Day Wants Narrower Hashes, Marcus Williamson Talks Mental Health, and Tom Brady Disses Buckeye Quarterbacks


I greet you this morning with one hell of a throwback photo.

A.J. Hawk looks like a child, but a child who could snap me in half across his knee. And Nick Mangold looks like Minkus from Boy Meet World.

Just a couple of All-Americans and first-round picks!

Word of the Day: Manacle.

MOVE THE HASHES. My favorite thing about the Ryan Day Show on 97.1 The Fan is that sometimes Day just hits you with an unexpectedly passionate response to questions that are clearly designed to be mostly innocuous, harmless, and lighthearted.

Last week, we had him suddenly stumping for the removal of the kickoff. This week, he gave an impassioned plea for college football to consider moving the hash marks in, like the NFL.

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