Ranking the podium performances at SEC Media Days


You can’t have a talking season without some talking.

This past week, SEC Media Days provided an opportunity for the media to speak with all 14 head football coaches in the Southeastern Conference. Some shined, and some flopped. After four wild days in Hoover, KSR has studied the tape and examined the quotes.

Now it is time to get into the ranking season. Here is how the coaches graded out in their performance on the big stage at The Wynfrey Hotel.

1.) Lane Kiffin, Ole Miss

The second-year head coach brought the goods on Tuesday afternoon. The 46-year-old lightning rod has been a media treasure throughout his coaching career, and we got the full package from Kiffin in his first SEC Media Days since 2009. The offensive savant went into detail about his view on analytics, gave us a funny Urban Meyer/Tim Tebow story, and also went on about former boss Nick Saban and why he is the best. His top moment might have been the sheer shock on his face when he found out that Alabama quarterback Bryce Young is reportedly receiving NIL offers near $1 million. Kiffin takes home the crown this season.

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