Patriots: Tom Brady’s TB12 Business Getting a PPP Loan is a Terrible Look


Former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s TB12 business reportedly received at least $350,000 in a PPP loan amid the coronavirus crisis.

The coronavirus pandemic has already impacted Tom Brady and his football life, as he’s flying in the face of NFL safety protocols to hold private practices with his Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammates. Now, however, it appears that COVID-19 has affected Brady the businessman, back to his old Patriots days.

According to reports, the TB12 brand received between $350,000 and $1 million from the Paycheck Protection Program, and we seriously never thought it would come to this.

[email protected]’s @TB12sports applied for a PPP loan worth $350k-$1MM.

TB12, Inc. did not report how many jobs were retained, but I’m guessing they kept the guy who ships out Tom’s immunity vitamins, a.k.a. “anti-COVID” snake oil.

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