NFL Franchise Tags 2021: Tracking the tags around the NFL before March 9 deadline


One of the NFL’s unique stipulations is the franchise tag. Teams can use a tag to effectively guarantee that a soon-to-be free agent will return to the team for the next season, but at a hefty price.

In 2021, the Green Bay Packers are in an unusual position — there is actually a non-zero chance that the team may use a tag for the first time since 2010. Defensive tackle Ryan Pickett was the last Packer to get tagged, though he signed a long-term contract extension shortly thereafter; however, running back Aaron Jones seems like the team’s lone potential candidate this year.

The tag is effectively a pricey one-year contract that ensures the player will return to his old team for the upcoming season. Tag amounts differ by position but are tied to the salary cap, so with the cap expected to decrease, tagged players’ salaries will do so as well.

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