NFC Notes: Bears, Lions, Packers



Bears’ HC Matt Nagy says that he knew WR Darnell Mooney was a special player since Week 1, comparing him to receivers Tyreek Hill and DeSean Jackson.

“I’ve been around Tyreek Hill,” Nagy said in an interview with Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune. “I’ve been around a young DeSean Jackson. I’m telling you right now, this guy has the complete package and has the ability to be compared to them. This kid is the real deal. I’m serious. You want to talk about an exciting player? I’m just so blown away at the things this kid does. Coming in here with no offseason, coming into training camp, playing that first game against Detroit, and showing us that the lights weren’t too bright for him. Amazed at his mental ability to handle this offense from the get-go. To put it into action, to make big plays. . . . It’s exciting as a coach because he has a rare element of speed, combined with route-running, hands, and passion. And commitment. You take all that and you say, ‘My gosh, we got this guy in the fifth round? Are you kidding me?’”

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