My Case for the #Packers Trading Away Bahktiari, Clark, Jones, and Linsley


A few days ago, Bleacher Reports Chris Roling proposed a blockbuster trade in which the Cleveland Browns’ would trade disgruntled-yet-talented tight end David Njoku to the Packers for a second-round draft pick. The justification, of course, has been that with the departure of Jimmy Graham, the Packers are, once again, on the search for the replacement for Jermichael Finley, as they have been doing since Ryan Braun was suspended from baseball. Remember that? It was a long time ago, right?

It appeals to the most Pavlonian instincts of Packer fans, who have been jonesing for receiver help since the year 2000 for a veteran quarterback with a imminent closing window.

Yes, except for the salad days of 2009-2013 or so.

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