Monday Mets: Mel & Ed Preview The 2021 Season


Opening Day is this Thursday, so I have asked Mel and Ed to share their thoughts on the upcoming season. In case you’ve forgotten or you’re unfamiliar with them, these two Mets fans can best be summarized as the consistently cynical, “sky is always falling” fan (Mel) and the always optimistic, “they’re just one good player away” fan (Ed). Here’s what they had to say…

Ed: Steve Cohen.

Mel: No Ed, it’s me, Mel. I realize we haven’t seen each other in a year, but how could you have forgotten me already?

Ed: I’m talking about the new Mets owner, Steve Cohen.

Mel: A new owner? What was wrong with the last guy?

Ed: Are you kidding?

Mel: Of course I am. Yes, yes, I am very excited about this new dawn for the Mets.

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