Monday Mets: Excited And Can’t Hide It


Every spring brings with it a sense of hope, or at least possibility. This year, it all seems more palpable. Still, I find myself questioning if this optimism is okay.

The Mets begin spring training games today. In fact, as a buddy of mine reminded me, yesterday was the last Sunday that the Mets won’t have a scheduled game until at least early October. Wild. Normally, at this point, the concept of dreaming big would begin wrestling with the the common-sense notion of honesty. Spring training is when teams show up to Florizona with an equipment bag full of question marks. It doesn’t take that much imagination to trick the brain into thinking that most of the answers to those question marks will be positive. “Can Adrian Gonzalez recapture his once-consistent bat? Sure.” “Can the Mets version of Rick Porcello be the Cy Young Award-winning version of not that long ago? Of course, it’s the same guy.” Really though, deep down inside, we know better. Or maybe not even that deep.

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