MLB Pre-Approves 7 Bidding Groups For Mets


While it’s fun to imagine Alex Rodriguez and Jenifer Lopez overseeing the Mets from an ownership suite, they’re not alone in their bidding group … and there are plenty of other competing outfits eyeing the New York organization. At the moment, it’s far from clear just how the ownership transition will turn out.

Seven different groups have received pre-approval from Major League Baseball to pursue the Mets, Scott Soshnick reports at That includes the three primary bidding groups that have already emerged publicly. The identity of the four other potential suitors remains unknown.

In recent years, we’ve seen teams change hands via differing mechanisms. Last year, John Sherman purchased his hometown Royals in a very quiet, tidy process. The 2017 Marlins sale occurred after a very public, long-running bidding process involving quite a few famous names.

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