MLB Marketing Should Further Embrace International Presence


by Matt Nocerino, special to GothamBaseball

As evident every coming fall when the NFL season kicks off, there is a growing disparity between how popular the product is on the gridiron, compared to that of the diamond. Problems within baseball itself exist, which has left those tasked with promoting our national pastime with noticeable obstacles.

Despite such challenges, however, Major League Baseball has long had the potential to ascend with its still ever-growing crop of foreign-born stars. Sadly, MLB has long toiled with the predicament of how to showcase its non-native superstars to an American audience. The hurdle of relating with players who spoke English as a second language created barriers that despite the league’s best efforts, were always present due to how those great players were brought here. It seemed they always had to relate back to American culture despite many having incredible stories of, and connections to, culture in countries all over the rest of the globe.

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