Minor League Baseball is Back!


Opening Day is finally here!

Minor League Baseball is a much different animal since the last time we saw it in 2019, 40 teams are no longer affiliates, the entire structure has been reformatted, and there’s more rules experimentation happening.

Another key change for the 2021 minor league season is that teams will play six-game series to limit travel and then a universal day off. Other protocols in place require the team to take multiple busses when traveling to limit the amount of players in one enclosed area. Syracuse Mets manager Chad Kreuter noted that the team took three busses to take 33 players from Brooklyn to Syracuse.

With all that said, baseball is finally back in the minors today, with all four of the Mets full season affiliates playing. Before we dig into the players to watch in 2021, let’s breakdown exactly where each of the Mets full season affiliates will play.

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