Miami Dolphins nailed these trades with the Philadelphia Eagles


The trade history between the Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles tends to lean towards Philly.

In these two trades between the Miami Dolphins and the Philadelphia Eagles, the Dolphins got the better end of the deal unlike our previous look at the teams.

Our first trade dates back to 1975 when the Dolphins traded a fourth-round pick in 1976’s draft to the Eagles for Fullback Norm Bulaich. while with the Baltimore Colts. Drafted by the Colts in 1970, Bulaich had become one of the better running backs in the NFL. He left for the Eagles in 1973 where he played two seasons prior to the trade.

Miami would send a 4th round pick to the Eagles for Bulaich who became one of the Dolphins’ most underrated players in history. Ironically, Bulaich was paired with another future Dolphins’ running back, Don Nottingham. Nottingham would join the Dolphins in 1973.

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