Meet Amo, Johnathan Abram’s new furry best friend


Johnathan Abram plays with a big dog mentality on the field, so it’s no surprise he has one at home as well.

Abram made an appearance on Whistle Sports’ newest episode of “Meet the Pets” to introduce his new furry friend, Amo, a 14-month old, South African Boerboel.

“I was looking for a big dog with a really great temperament and that’s what I ended up getting,” said Abram. “Amo is the exact same person as me, he doesn’t really bother anybody, he just kind of does his own thing and lives in his own little world.”

The Raiders safety joked with Whistle Sports about Amo’s special skill set of being able to eat food exceptionally fast and never barking. Despite never barking, Amo has proven to Abram that he is a great guard dog around his friends if he feels his human companion is in danger.

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