Matt Peacock Debut Was a Wild, Crazy Night

DENVER, CO - APRIL 6: Stephen Vogt #21 and Matt Peacock #47 of the Arizona Diamondbacks celebrate after a 13 inning win over the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field on April 6, 2021 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Matt Peacock Had One Wild Debut

Arizona Diamondbacks reliever Matt Peacock went with the team on the season-opening road trip to San Diego and Denver as a member of the travel squad. If anyone came down with an injury, he was ready to step in and make his debut. Tuesday morning, less than 12 hours before the game against the Colorado Rockies, he received a phone call from manager Torey Lovullo. The coaching staff wanted to meet with him. In that meeting, Lovullo got to do something he hadn’t done in 10 years — tell a player that he had made the major league squad.

To think that this all happened to someone who, five years ago, walked away from baseball while attending the University of South Alabama. Arm problems in 2015 led to an ERA of 22.09, higher than the price of most entrees at Red Lobster. In 2016, Peacock gave up his roster spot. “There were some guys there who could help the team out, and I couldn’t,” Peacock said, “so I went and talked to our coach.” The coach told him, “Come on back if you want to. We like you.” After leaving the team, Peacock worked in his family’s sawmill. One of his jobs involved working on (as in, on top of) a broiler. When he noticed that it partially melted his boots, he decided to go back to baseball.

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