Matt Corral calls out Lane Kiffin for not following him on Instagram


After the news of who Lane Kiffin follows on Instagram broke, it wasn’t long before current starting quarterback Matt Corral decided to poke some fun at his coach.
Earlier, Kiffin’s Instagram was looked at and it was discovered that he was only follows class of 2023 quarterback Arch Manning.
Naturally, Corral had something to say about that:
Manning announced that he plans on visiting Oxford on Oct. 23 shortly after looking at Georgia, Alabama, and Texas.
Corral took to his coach’s DMs to mess with him about not following him on Instagram, including some emojis and a picture of a tweet by Barstool showing who Kiffin follows.
Apparently Matt Corral’s joke got to Kiffin enough that he decided to play along and ended up following Corral on Instagram.