Mack – My Updated Top 15 Players In This Draft


Good morning.

I started this series early in April when I broke out what I thought my top 10 picks would be in the draft. Fellow writer, Tom Brennan, asked me to expand that to 15 players so he could see who I thought would just miss the Mets pick.

It is time to update this.

Here’s my top 15… as of right now:

1.1 -Pittsburgh

RHPJack LeiterVanderbilt

(previously ranked 1.1)

There is no change here. Leiter leads the nation with 102 strikeouts (in 60.1 innings), but he is the 5th lowest starter with a 1.49-ERA, the 4th starter in the lowest WHIP, and tied for 3rd with seven wins. And… he is doing all this against SEC competition. No, this is not only the top pitcher in the draft, he’s the top player.

1.2 -Texas

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