Mac Jones explains why he didn’t want the football from his first NFL touchdown pass


The moments after Mac Jones first NFL touchdown pass to Nelson Agholor played as a light-hearted moment between teammates. It was a quick game of hot potato, as Agholor tried to handoff the ball to his quarterback, presumably assuming he would want it as a souvenir. It was, after all, his first touchdown as an NFL quarterback.

Jones was quick to hand it right back to his receiver. Agholor passed it right back to Jones as they ran towards the sideline, and Jones quickly dropped it in the hands of Brian Hoyer. He didn’t want the ball.

The reaction on the broadcast and on social media in the moment was one of levity, but after the game, a tough 1-point loss against AFC East opponents the Miami Dolphins, Jones clarified what, exactly, was going through his mind.

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