Look: Person Who Left Rubber Duck At Ohio Stadium Identified


Saturday’s upset win for No. 11 Oregon over No. 3 Ohio State yielded an all-time great troll move: a rubber duck placed in the center of the “O” in Ohio Stadium.

For days, the culprits of this viral move were a mystery. But on Tuesday, Fox Sports uncovered the identities of these young tricksters: 11-year-old Dublin and 9-year-old Brixton.

Once most of the fans and players had cleared out of the stadium, the two young Oregon superfans jumped down onto the turf and placed the duck at centerfield.

Earlier today, they chatted with FOX Sports’ Charlotte Wilder, who captured the viral image that would become the representation of this weekend’s upset.

🧐🦆 @TheWilderThings has solved the mystery of who placed the rubber duck in the middle of Ohio State’s field! pic.twitter.com/vNA3o5YcQo

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