Learning to live with COVID: Why some experts think it’s time to start getting back to normal


Kerry Bowman, who lives in downtown Toronto, has been sensing something in the air lately. Something is different, he said. Something is missing.

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The edge is gone.

People are still masking and following public health protocols for the most part. “But there’s much less anxiety. People are a lot more relaxed,” said Bowman, a University of Toronto bioethicist and conservationist. “I think there’s kind of an acceptance that this is the way it’s going to be, an element that this is the best we can do. And we have to move on.”

Britain is taking that idea to the extreme. The British people must learn to live with COVID and “reconcile ourselves, sadly, to more deaths,” their prime minister, Boris Johnson, said as he scrapped most of England’s laws mandating face coverings, social distancing and work-from-home orders. “I don’t want people to get demob-happy,” Johnson, said, a cautionary note that didn’t stop jubilant club-goers from going “berserk” and pouring into nightclubs, sans masks. But with summer and vaccines and school holidays, if not now, then when, the prime minister mused.

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