Leaked Jon Gruden emails showcase PR danger for the NFL in its potential billion dollar St. Louis lawsuit


The NFL is going to court. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

This litigation isn’t breaking news. We’ve known since early September that the league unsuccessfully exhausted every avenue to get the Rams relocation lawsuit tossed out of court. Despite what will eventually be millions of dollars in billable hours and the very best white shoe attorneys that money can buy, the NFL’s most serious legal battle since the 1986 USFL antitrust suit rolls on.

But there was a moment worthy of reflection this week when the leaking of email exchanges between Jon Gruden and former Washington Football Team executive Bruce Allen reminded us how much the league dominates investigative narratives. Maybe even to the point of choosing who gets protected and who gets sacrificed. That should raise concern where the realities of control lie in the St. Louis lawsuit.

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