Joe Kelly’s Cocky Response to 2018 Cheating Allegations Gives the World Even More of a Reason to Hate the Red Sox


You can go right ahead and add Joe Kelly to the list of current and former Red Sox players who are denying sign-stealing allegations from a couple seasons ago.

Of course, Kelly was a member of the World Series champion Boston Red Sox team in 2018 that’s now under investigation by the MLB for said cheating allegations.

The now-Los Angeles Dodgers reliever offered up some pompous comments on the scandal, and Boston haters are now further justified to hate the Red Sox.

“Whenever the investigation is done, I’m interested in seeing what is in the investigation,” Kelly told WEEI on Thursday. “If there is cheating involved with how good our team was, we should have won every single out. We should have not even lost an inning if there was some good cheating involved, which would have been a lot more fun because we would have won in four.”

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