Joe Castiglione bounces back on broadcast after battle with spicy potato chips


Joe Castiglione can’t be denied.

The Red Sox Hall of Fame broadcaster has been forced to fend off various distractions throughout his career, including having to complete a momentous radio call after Andrew Benintendi’s catch in Game 4 of the 2018 American League Championship Series.

Despite falling out of his chair, Castiglione didn’t miss a beat.

During Sunday afternoon’s Red Sox radio broadcast in North Port, Fla., Castiglione was faced with another challenge … overcoming an ill-timed dose of Old Bay seasoning.

After partaking in some Utz “Crab Chips” that spring training broadcast partner Rob Bradford had passed along, the spice hit Castiglione at a most inopportune time during the second inning. The legendary broadcaster’s vocal cords were under attack …

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