Suzyn Waldman is the best. There have been many years that I used to get annoyed with her. But over the years, recognizing all she’s done in baseball and in life, you really have to tip your cap. She makes me smile these days. I know that’s not too popular, but I really don’t care.

Last night, before the Yankees/Red Sox game, Suzyn Waldman sang the National Anthem. Here it is:

Now it’s not like this was her first time, however it was the first time for many. I did my digging and realized that she used to do this alot. As we all know she used to be up in Boston, and in 1986, before Game 7 of the ALCS, she sang the National Anthem as well:

I love it, anyone who can put themselves out there like that really is impressive. Let me close by saying that I had the opportunity to meet Suzyn around 8 years ago at a party. I thought for sure it was gonna be a goof, but meeting her, chatting with her, she’s do damn likable, I really walked away more impressed and inspired than anything else. She’s just a really good, established person who really gets a bum rap.

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