Is it a problem that starting pitchers are pulled so early now?


In seven games of the 1985 World Series, Royals starting pitchers tossed three complete games and accounted for 93 percent of the innings for Kansas City. By the time the 2015 Royals were in the Fall Classic, only one starting pitcher tossed a complete game (thanks Johnny Cueto!) and starters accounted for just 60 percent of the innings, with Ned Yost relying on his intimidating bullpen to finish off the Mets.

Even that kind of performance from a starting pitching staff would be unheard of this post-season. For the four teams remaining, only one has had a pitcher go as many as six innings in a start – a 6 2⁄3 inning start by Houston’s Lance McCullers, Jr. At Fangraphs, Jay Jaffe notes that while shorter starts for pitchers has been a trend in baseball the last few post-seasons, it has become particularly prevalent this year.

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