Inbox: He showed us all what it means to be a dad


My heart breaks for the Jones family. Unbelievable the 2021 season opener will be the first time in nine years Aaron Jones won’t have his father watching him.

The news of Alvin Sr.’s passing floored me Wednesday. Even now, as I stare blankly into this screen, I struggle to find the words. In a weird way, I got to know Alvin Sr. before I even knew Aaron. I talked with him shortly after the Packers drafted Aaron in 2017 and built the entire lede of my first profile on Aaron around how excited Alvin Sr. was about his son. Aaron has a great story but Alvin’s was truly extraordinary. He grew up without a father and sacrificed his own athletic dreams to work multiple jobs in high school to support his family. Alvin enlisted in the military and served for 29 years, retiring right before Aaron and Alvin Jr.’s senior year of high school. I owe Alvin Sr. a great deal for all the interviews he granted me over the years. I bugged him quite a bit over the last four years and he was always gracious with his time. I still have the text in my phone from him congratulating me on the birth of our son. It was wonderful finally getting to meet him in-person before the NFC Championship Game in San Jose. This man travelled the world, but at the end of the day, wanted nothing more than to sit in the stands and watch his children play the game they loved. In the process, he showed us all what it means to be a dad.

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