‘I actually endured’: How OU football legend Tommie Harris overcame his greatest obstacles


Tommie Harris lifts his right hand and eyes his pinkie.

The top half bends unnaturally and permanently away from the rest of his fingers. Even though the injuries that lead to such abnormalities come with the territory for big-time football players like Harris, it still hurt when it happened.

Hurt for a long time after, too.

“But then I get older,” Harris said, “and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I did this on Brett Favre’s facemask.’”

He smiled wryly.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore, so you can talk about it,” he said, “but while you’re in the process, it’s very difficult to talk about.”

He knows about scars — and not just because he was an All-American at OU and became one of the most fearsome defensive tackles in the NFL during his eight years as a pro.

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