Hyde: He’s old, he’s the underdog, he showed up Belichick — how can’t you root for Tom Brady this Super Bowl? | Commentary


If you’re looking for a team to root for this Super Bowl — and Dolphins fans are for the 36th straight year — this one’s easy: Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay over Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City. The Goat over the Kid. The star of the last 20 years over the star of the next 20.

Sure, it’s a little like rooting for Elon Musk to get richer, but this isn’t the New England Brady anymore. He made a mockery of this season of age, defenses and New England coach Bill Belichick. How can’t you get behind that? Even as Tampa Bay celebrated its win against Green Bay in Sunday’s NFC Championship, a photo-shopped image of Belichick’s grumpy face hit the internet atop Bernie Sanders’ slouching, socially popular body.

Belichick, smart as he is, successful has he’s been, must have the scowl on simmer with the rest of New England now. Belichick watched the ex-spouse succeed. What would sting his legacy more: Spygate, Deflategate or Brady winning a Super Bowl the year he leaves?

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